Allegedly a Lot of Producer Cement in Banten Ignore SNI


Semen Serang is suspected of not fulfilling SNI

Serang, Allegedly a lot of cement companies in  Banten Province ignore the national standard of Indonesia (SNI).

The begin from community reports as consumers of Cement Serang who complained because the cement is not good quality . Al Imran (56th) he told on Friday June 28, 2019 he was bought cement in the store matrial PD KALIGUJI REJO as many as one sack with the brand of cement Serang.

“When used at home it is a mortar that is not glutinous when applied to the wall, repeatedly tried but still does not to clink ,” he complained.

The feeling of being disappointed by Al Imran tell with his friend not far from his residence and carefully addressed by Efriyandi (40th), because Edriyandi a caretaker one of the organizations is well known by the community especially in the province of Banten ( ormas BPBN ).

In the office of BPBN Efriyandi as the head of Operation explained that each community users goods produced products are obliged to know everything contained in goods manufactured by the company. “What else is the alleged lack of quality of a product that is sold public in the community,” he said, Saturday (29/06).

When interviewed by reporters Efriyandi added that many companies were driven cement factory in the province of Banten often ignore SNI (Indonesian national standard) so that the quality of production, especially cement allegedly less Conditions (not suitable).

The PT Haohan Cement Company when confirmed by

The company PT. Haohan CEMENT as producer of cement Serang, Huang zi (28th) explained that SNI has been taken care of since January 2019 and admitted that SNI already exists but has not been shown to the victims and organizations BPBN. Planing on Monday July 1, 2019 the management of cement Serang will show proof of SNI. But it is unfortunate because of the many gaffe found in the company PT. HAOHAN CEMENT. As the absence of company name in both the front factory and in the factory. Even the company is very difficult to communicate because it does not speak Indonesian language well because they are mostly WNA (Foreign Nationals). (Editorial)



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